Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Democracy & Development Projects

Working towards a renewed Renaissance in the Arab world finds its foundation in the values of al-Nahda. Since appearing during al-Nahda, the legacy of pluralism, intellectual curiosity, and humanism has been overshadowed by regional conflict, yet ARDD prioritizes these trends as the roots of democracy and development. As these values spread among individuals, communities, and governmental authorities, so develops a communal interest in building a culture of peace.

Through raising awareness among beneficiaries and applying ARDD research, the organization furthers the understanding of rule of law and civic values of responsibility, transparency, and respect for diversity. Peace and stability further feeds into the growth and strengthening of both democracy and development, as each cycle reinforces the conditions for a successful renaissance in the region.

ARDD views democracy as a mechanism to promote social cohesion and safe and inclusive spaces that allow for common issues to be solved through cooperation and debate rather than violence and extremism. The success of multicultural leadership, and dialogue- and collective action-based peaceful conflict resolution is imperative in a region where different ethnicities, religions, and sects exist together. 

The elimination of poverty and the hunger it accompanies, promotion of quality education, well-being, and equality are some of the most basic rights highlighted within the internationally recognized Sustainable Development Goals, which ARDD is committed to achieving. ARDD advocates for comprehensive social protection mechanisms and collaboration with the private sector to ensure safe, legal, and sustainable employment. A strong basis of social and economic protections are necessary for a meaningful advancement of justice and political participation.