Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Confronting women's barriers to a dignified life

About the Women's Access to Justice project

Disadvantaged women face multiple and interconnected levels of vulnerability and suffering, particularly in regards to their fair and equitable access to the legal system in their respective countries. The regional project Women’s Access to Justice (WAJ) aimed to build on their human capital, facilitate their access to the legal system, and secure just outcomes. Phase II of WAJ addressed the gaps in legal justice by informing women of their rights and entitlements as citizens through sessions meant to empower them and connect a wide variety of stakeholders.

Confronting the social and legal barriers that obstruct women’s access to justice and dignity at the individual, community, structural, and regional levels, advances ARDD’s work in Democracy and Development. Focused efforts to empower women strengthens their agency, confidence, and ability to influence broader change in their communities, mobilizing further development, be it political, social, economic, or some other area requiring advancement.

Legal empowerment, stress management, and leadership sessions, and psychosocial support are some components of the project’s holistic approach to increasing women’s access to justice. Awareness of their rights and the confidence to demand them are key outputs of the project. These tools are vital to sustaining change as they fundamentally realign the legal protections and rights at women’s disposal.

WAJ Phase II was implemented in partnership with Oxfam GB and funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Area of work:
Economic Empowerment
Legal Empowerment

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