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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

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About the Syrian Refugee Empowerment Project (SREP)

The Syrian crisis has placed considerable pressure on public services and the labor market, making it difficult for many Syrians and members of host communities to access quality education and jobs. In partnership with Tamkeen Fields for Aid, ARDD launched the Syrian Refugees Empowerment Project (SREP) to empower both citizens and noncitizens by educating individuals, building their capacities to demand their rights, and promoting ownership of positive change. In turn, this project advances ARDD’s work as it relates to creating a culture of accountability, respect for fundamental human rights and universal access to justice.

The project is unique in that it engages Syrian refugees and Jordanians as Community Facilitators, building their capacities to respond to their challenges directly rather than remaining passive observers. Training sessions develop technical skills in community mobilization, group facilitation, and teach about relevant legal frameworks, procedural requirements, and sources of specialist support.

SREP produced two key outputs: first by training members of the community, including Syrian refugees, to act as Community Facilitators (CFs), and then by spreading key messages about the right to education and work for all. Acting as nodes in the network of change and modernization, the CFs reach as many people as possible to guarantee that the lessons of empowerment extend beyond the project itself.

This project was supported by the Open Society Foundations.

Area of work:
Economic Empowerment
Legal Empowerment
Migrants and Refugees

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