Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Sustainable decentralization in host communities

About the Together We Build project

Decentralization measures have been passed across Jordan, and applying these changes represents a challenge to municipalities in general, but particularly some northern Jordanian cities. These cities have witnessed an influx of refugees since the start of the Syrian crisis, adding additional stress to the communities and local governments. The Together We Build project is carried out in three Jordanian cities by working with community based organizations (CBOs) and community committees throughout the decentralization process to hold leaders accountable to participatory budgeting.

The project develops accountable local government and civic engagement among the people, which are prerequisites for the establishment of healthy and transparent democracy that ARDD advocates for. Expanding the role of the people in these decentralization efforts is unique in that it empowers the people as changemakers in the community, while also allowing the participatory budgeting funds to be appropriately and accurately applied as per the needs of the people -- for people, by people that understand the real priorities of the community.

With an engaged community and an empowered foundation of CBOs, the trend of accountability and receptive governance has the ability to sustain itself without a dependence on international organizations.

This project is part of the EU Qudra Project and funded by Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

Area of work:
Civic Engagement
Legal Empowerment

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