Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Human Rights

ARDD’s concern for the marginalized members of society prioritizes the application of human rights for migrants and refugees, women, and youth. Achieving this, demands change at the levels of institutions and laws and regulations, and at the individual, community and policy level. It requires a process that builds capacities of individuals at all levels as active change-makers rather than passive recipients of aid.

Legal awareness training in the Zaatari refugee camp, campaigns to combat sexual and gender based violence against women and girls, and youth education initiatives are only some of the paths taken to improve the status of these targeted groups and human rights in the region as a whole.

Ideally, citizens and non-citizens, migrants and refugees, must be afforded and aware of their human, social, and political rights regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, social status or gender. Rights awareness campaigns are a tool to empower people to protect currently held rights and to seek out those rights that have yet to be guaranteed.