Awareness Raising & Capacity Building

Legal Assistance



The ultimate aim of ARRD-Legal Aid as a whole is to increase access to justice for all peoples, however a main obstacle to reaching this goal is the lack of awareness amongst the people themselves of the rights they hold and are entitled to. In Jordan, people remain uninformed about their legal, constitutional and human rights, the right to seek remedies and how to become legally empowered. This results from insufficient education and access to information, especially amongst vulnerable and underprivileged groups. 

How do we increase awareness?

The mandate of the ARCB Unit is to create and increase awareness amongst marginalized and underprivileged groups in society such as refugees, migrants, disabled persons, women and youth. This is mainly achieved in a twofold manner, firstly through education and the dissemination of information about rights. Secondly, by building the capacity of these vulnerable groups in order that they not only are aware of their rights, but they are able to enforce their entitlement to them.

We conduct legal awareness and training sessions in the issues that deprived communities most need, namely:

  • Domestic law: Jordanian penal law, civil law, labor law, owners and tenants law, and personal status law, among others.
  • Legal access:  Jordanian civil and criminal procedural laws, litigation processes and fair trial standards.
  • Community legal empowerment: interpreting the Jordanian Constitution and citizenship rights, the Jordanian regime and human rights principles.

ARDD-Legal Aid has built a strong, diverse network of allies and partners across Jordan, including CBOs, NGOs, youth groups, universities and local authorities. We coordinate with these partners in Amman, Zarqa, Irbid and Karak, among other areas, to conduct workshops based on the needs of local communities. We work with our partners and stakeholders to assist the realization of human rights, as we believe that increasing access to justice is an insurmountable goal to be reached unless those who require it are acutely aware of their rights and empowered to enforce them.