Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

‘The Environment Challenge’ educates youth on their environmental rights and obligations


As part of the Renaissance Journey for Youth summer programme, ”the Environment Challenge” took young participants on a trip to Jerash for the second session of the programme on August 13, 2018, where activities were focused on attracting positive change to the environment and raising awareness about the different approaches to saving the environment.

Hosting the session was be Dr. Mohammad Eyadat, an expert in the field of environment and the president of the National Center for Environmental Justice.

Following the human right act stated by the United Nations “individuals have the right to enjoy clean, healthy and safe environment”, The ARDD program wishes to inform the youth about their environmental rights and educate them about the different ways they can safeguard the environment to protect the rights of others and the generations to come.

The youth discussed with Dr. Eyadat the various definitions of the environment, the risks it faces and means of protecting it, while Dr. Eyadat acquainted the youth with the political, legal, economic and humanitarian sides of the environment issue, where they were introduced to concepts such as “environmental wars”, “environmental terrorism” and “environmental displacement”.

The youth engaged in a dialogue on how they can effect positive change in their environments and how to pressure decision makers into adopting measures that protect their right to a healthy environment.

The activity seeks to demonstrate the organisation’s goal of “Conceptualising organisational Justice and sustainability”. This is done to ensure that communities have fair access to natural resources.

On the other hand, ARDD also encourages safe usage of these scarce resources and illustrates different ways of preserving them.

Moreover, the trip also focused on developing the skills of the youth by participating in a series of challenges that  pushed their limits mentally and physically in order to help our participants cope with the challenges that they will face.

The Environment Challenge is the second event of ARDD’s summer programme, which kicked off on August 7 and will continue until September 22.

The initiative aims to aid youth in overcoming various obstacles  and provide a space for youth’s ideas to form and flourish, and gradually encourages them to not only share their insights, but more importantly to take action in their own communities.

In addition, Renaissance Journey for Youth aims to provide networking opportunities for young humanitarian activists, ages fifteen to twenty-five, to aid them in becoming community mobilisers, leading activities, supporting some of the most vulnerable groups and strengthening the community as a whole.