Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

‘I only wish to leave this life having left a mark behind’


“I only wish to leave this life having left a mark behind”, says one participant in the civic engagement training sessions organized by ARDD in Mafraq Governorate. She is part of a pioneering group of refugee and host community women who seek to effect change in their communities.

Within the framework of “Masertna” project, which is being implemented with the support from Women for Women International, ARDD is conducting these training sessions in its Mafraq office to build the capacity of women by providing them with a range of tools and skills to lead their communities and be an example for other women follow.

These exercises particularly empower and involve women in combating gender-based violence in their communities and overcome challenges and barriers that may hinder their paths towards a peaceful and just life.

"These exercises helped to nourish my mind, to understand the meaning of initiative, to sympathize with others, to strengthen our personality, and taught us how to define goals and work towards them," says another participant, who will launch her own initiative to highlight some gender-based violence issues in her community, such as physical violence, early marriage, and economic violence by depriving women of their inheritance or waiving it for the benefit of family members.

All participating women will take advantage of the skills acquired in these exercises to design and implement initiatives that address the obstacles and problems that affect them in society, to participate in the process of providing solutions from their own point of view, and to leave their mark on society.


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