Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

“Women’s Access to Justice Framework of Inquiry”


In celebration of International Women’s Day, ARDD is sharing a framework of inquiry that addresses the status, challenges and recommendations to further enhance women’s access to justice; it is a product of the knowledge ARDD has learned throughout seven years of extensive research and programming across Jordan in this field.

Women’s access to justice is the measure of a truly equal society and the foundation of women’s empowerment by facilitating their ability to assert their rights and protecting those rights through the appropriate legal mechanisms.

By observing principles such as availability, accessibility, affordability, justiciability, accountability, and transparency of justice systems, ARDD has produced a comprehensive framework of inquiry.  This framework analyzes the status of women’s access to justice in Jordan with a specific focus on the Shari’a court system, identifies gaps in the Jordanian justice system, and reviews relevant laws, research, and international conventions. Following this comes key analytical recommendations to increase gender sensitivity, to enhance dispute resolution and enforcement mechanisms, and to provide quality legal support services.

The agency of women across the world has been restricted due to their exclusion from decision making processes and positions of influence. Development initiatives are increasingly focused on enhancing women’s access to justice in recent years, which is a programmatic priority for ARDD.

ARDD strives to support women in countering negative cultural, social, and political forms of discrimination and strengthening the available opportunities for women and girls through the building of their skills, knowledge, and capacity.

Projects implemented by ARDD have sought to sensitize institutional and social actors in Jordan to the multiple forms of violence against women and girls, to engage men and youth in the process of awareness, prevention and response to gender-based discrimination, and to empower women both on the community and individual level.  By providing psychosocial, legal, and economic empowerment services, as well as skills trainings such as effective communication techniques, problem-solving, and decision-making, ARDD has been able to foster change on an individual level that enables women to further disseminate knowledge within their communities and to positively interact with the institutions tasked with protecting their rights.  

Furthermore, ARDD widely collaborates with other civil society and aid organizations and works closely with influencers and policy-makers in Jordan to create change on an institutional level. Because the barriers that women face in accessing justice in Jordan are interrelated and complex, the response must also be comprehensive and multifaceted.  While the government and other key institutions have taken significant steps in enhancing and protecting women’s rights in recent years, all duty bearers and advocates for women’s rights must continue to #PressforProgress.

ARDD is proud to be a part of the global movement of advocacy, activism, and support for gender equality.  The collective effort of all institutions, organizations, and individuals pressing for progress in women’s rights is truly impactful worldwide as we continue to strive for a better future – a future in which women and girls will be empowered and active members of their communities, live free of the fear of violence and discrimination, be well-informed of their rights and able to readily access justice as a fundamental right.


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