Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

25 activists participate in Ead b'Ead Project Initial Trainings

Hussein Sarayrah

Nearly 25 activists  from local associations in Karak governorate, south of Jordan, participated in ARDD Legal Aid's initial training sessions of "Ead b'Ead" project for empowerment of woman civic engagment.

The Participants had the opportunity to learn various concepts related to women's affairs and social and human rights internationally and locally, as well as methods to enable them to spread the message of "Ead B'Ead" and develop their engagement with their community thus enhancing their participation in civic and political life.

Three associations participated, "Pioneers Women" and "Rakeen Women" and "Amro's Women", in four sessions which took place between May and June this year.

The next phase, the participants will put into practice what they learned regarding women empowerment, through holding interactive sessions with member of their communities, and campaigns to garner support for their ideas.

In the same context, the project will move from associations category to university students, in the period between August and September, to share the message "Ead B'Ead" with 60 students from all disciplines.

It is expected, that the prioject will eventually result in forming a better perception of women role in the community and that the community will grow more aware of women's role and differences between men and women. This will be attained through enhancing women's engagement with their community and leading them to fully realise their rights as citizens and active memebers in society.


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