Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

ARDD’s youngest intern shares thoughts on his experience


“Being born and raised in the United States, I wanted to intern abroad to get an experience like no other I have ever had.

With each of the enriching experiences I had at The Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development- ARDD, I learned something new.

My amazing experience  with ARDD began about three months ago, when I first started my internship. I was fortunate enough to see the multiples areas of work, visit the different centers of ARDD and get acquainted with their work in refugee camps. Through the legal awareness-raising sessions that I attended, I became aware myself of the low level of awareness of many Jordanians and refugees on their rights in the workplace, and I became to appreciate the need and valuable services provided by ARDD regarding legal empowerment and aid.

The highlight of my internship was helping organize and attend the Youth Camp, put on by ARDD’s interns, that seeks to unleash the potential of youth and to strengthen the effectiveness of youth-led initiatives in humanitarian action at the local level.

At “the Renaissance Journey for Youth” young people also be have the opportunity to take part in the Nahda Forum; a platform that allows youth to gain knowledge, question the well-known and established truths, and enhance their critical thinking as well as problem-solving skills, in order to be part of shaping their own future and that of their communities in the Arab world.

My work with the Renaissance Journey for Youth allowed me to meet and spend time with those directly affected in vulnerable communities and beneficiaries of our services, an experience that I will never forget.

At the age of 16, interning with ARDD was an experience I never thought I would get this early on in life.”

-Jude Hajhamad