Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

ARDD and Arab Thought Forum sign memorandum of understanding


Within the framework of strengthening the bonds of cooperation and coordination to serve the issues of Arab thought in general, a memorandum of understanding was signed on Sunday evening 12/8/2018 in Amman between the Arab Thought Forum, represented by its Secretary-General Dr. Mohammed Abu Hammour, and the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD), represented by the President of the Board of Trustees Zaid Eyadat.

Dr. Eyadat said that ARDD is looking forward to working with the Forum towards spreading the thought of the Renaissance and creating a network for workers and efforts in this area to achieve common goals.

He pointed out that ARDD is a civil society organisation that seeks to enhance the awareness of the concepts and values of the renaissance, developing social pillars corroborative to the renaissance and influencing intellectual and political movements and all sides that support the renaissance thought and the development of Jordan and the Arab world.For his part, Dr. Abu Hammour said that the Forum is pleased to be an active partner of ARDD, based on its mission, objectives and endeavors to enhance the role played by thought, networking and dialogue which it shares with many scientific institutions and research centres in the Arab world and abroad, in the interest of creating purposeful and constructive dialogue, and creating a common vision for the revival of the values of the Renaissance in a way that serves the nation’s future and the development of its cultural identity, which is consistent with the mission of the Forum and its objectives.

The memorandum of understanding stipulates the two sides' agreement to work together to achieve common goals through the exchange of expertise, as well as organising joint programmes, workshops and studies. The two organisations will also cooperate to implement projects that serve the values and goals of the Renaissance thought that enhance and establish intellectual, scientific and research ties to face the challenges related to thought, Arab causes and the Renaissance.