Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

ARDD hosts Spanish Parliament members and officials


Women's Access to Justice (WAJ) Phase II aims to reduce the vulnerability and suffering of disadvantaged women by building on their human capital, facilitating their access to the legal system and securing just outcomes. ARDD's Zarqa office hosted members of the Spanish Parliament, members of Spanish agencies, Oxfam Spain, Oxfam regional, and Oxfam Jordan on November 21,2016.

One of ARDD’s lawyers went over the law and informed the visitors on the legal status of women and the problems they face. The topics discussed during the visit mainly focused on Personal Status Law: marriage, divorce, alimony, custody, and inheritance.  

A portion of the visit included Women Access to Justice Phase II beneficiaries sharing their experiences of working with ARDD. “I have become a stronger women today thanks to ARDD, I can now raise my daughters to be the next generation of strong, well informed women who are aware of their rights and how to access justice. From the Legal Awareness session I have learned about my rights in regards to the personal status law,” said one woman who took part in personal status law awareness sessions and psychosocial support sessions conducted by Dr. Lina Darras.  ARDD is proud of its beneficiaries; the women have emerged into new leaders in their communities who help create brighter futures where justice is available for all.

WAJ II is built on the theory of knowledge, which states that sustainable change can only occur when change occurs on the individual, community and systematic levels. Peer-to-Peer, psychosocial and legal awareness sessions are all part of the WAJ II project. By strengthening the knowledge of key women in the community, who often are the first responders to the needs of the most vulnerable, women in the community as a whole will have a better understanding of their rights under the law and the proper pathways to access justice. Guests from the Spanish parliament and other Spanish agencies engaged with the beneficiary women whom shared their stories.

 By the end of the visit it was clear that everyone who took part in the visit had one goal in mind: to reach a place of equality. It was an honor hosting the Spanish parliament as well as members of other Spanish agencies and we look forward to hosting them again in the near future. 


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