Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

ARDD launches its summer programme ‘Renaissance Journey for Youth’


Out of its belief that youth are the pillars of the Arab renaissance and the soul of the nation, ARDD is launching the Renaissance Journey for Youth, a summer programme taking place from August 7thto September 22nd which seeks to aid youth in overcoming various obstacles  and provide a space for youth’s ideas to form and flourish, and gradually encourages them to not only share their insights, but more importantly to take action in their own communities.

In addition, Renaissance Journey for Youth aims to provide networking opportunities for young humanitarian activists, ages fifteen to twenty-five, to aid them in becoming community mobilisers, leading activities, supporting some of the most vulnerable groups and strengthening the community as a whole.

The programme will provide a guiding hand to help tackle upcoming issues and encourage young activists to demonstrate possible solutions.

ARDD also seeks to create a platform promoting free expression and discussion of problems facing the Arab World through the Nahda Forum, which allows the participants of the camp to debate the topics that they find of particular importance to them and enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Youth in Jordan suffer from grave underrepresentation in addition to the highest unemployment rates in the MENA region, which has prompted ARDD to launch several programmes to help Jordanian and refugee youth better understand their economic and legal rights, helping them avoid and fight exploitation and abuse while empowering them to be able to take advantage of legal work opportunities.