ARDD-Legal Aid Graduates First Class of Voice Field Assistants

ARDD-Legal Aid

On May 7th, 2013 ARDD-Legal Aid through the Voice project graduated the first class of field assistants. The Voice project initiated an activity last December involving five Syrian refugee women living in Jordan. The activity brought the women together and trained them on various topics such as: how to write in a proper manner, how to conduct interviews, and how to go about getting the stories of the other refugees out to the outside world. In addition, they were given some training sessions on leadership and communication skills. In return, the Voice team would publish their stories on the related social media sites and express through storytelling the details, needs, and voices of everyday refugees living in Jordan.

“The Voice project allowed us to grow, and most importantly highlighted the voices of the Syrian refugee. The Syrians here have needs and struggles that they want voiced and through this project we were able to do just this,” Hamida one of the field assistants stated.

Today marked a touching last day for these field assistants, however it does not mark a end to a relationship. The women simultaneously mentioned that they will not stop writing as they have developed a new hobby through the project, and this served the purpose of the project to learn to be independent, self-sufficient, and empower women.

Towards the end of the month a new group of five Syrian women will replace these field assistants and will be trained to continue on the purpose of empowering women and information-sharing mechanisms with the refugees. ARDD-Legal Aid is proud to have established this initiative as it is one that speaks to many.


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