Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

ARDD signs memorandum of understanding with Studiefrämjandet, Nabad Sharqi and USB foundations


Out of belief in the significance of cooperation and coordination in all that serves the causes of Arab thought in the diaspora and the follow up on the situation of Arab refugees and expatriates in European countries, the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development – ARDD signed on Monday August 13, 2018, a memorandum of understanding  with Studiefrämjandet foundation, Nabad Sharqi and USB society.

The MoU aims to enhance cooperation and joint work in the field of intellectual issues; particularly those related to Arab refugees and migrants and cultural and developmental causes, in a way that supports the foundations of the immigrant community and provides the services they need through a series of social and youth activities, as well as working on developing and fostering talent among refugees, especially children and youth, in order to provide means of decent living for them and enhance their sense of citizenship and belonging in the diaspora countries, while ensuring their positive participation in their Arab culture.

In addition, the cooperation seeks to establish a hub for literature in the new diaspora, recruit Arab immigrant pens and enhance authorship and translation in all categories of Arabic literature and thought, especially that of women and youth.

The signing parties agreed to work jointly to achieve common goals through the exchange of expertise and organizing joint programmes, workshops and studies, among other cultural, intellectual and community-based activities.

The parties also agreed to cooperate on launching a platform for the Nahda Forum that serves their common goals and values, which aim to develop and strengthen the intellectual, scientific and research ties between Arab and foreign youth and intellectual groups concerned with reviving the message of the Arab Renaissance, and enhancing their connection with other cultural platforms in the Arab world in order to overcome the challenges facing the issues of Arab and Renaissance thought.

ARDD is a civil society organisation that seeks to enhance the awareness of the concepts and values of the renaissance, developing social pillars corroborative to the renaissance and influencing intellectual and political movements and all sides that support the renaissance thought and the development of Jordan and the Arab world.

Studiefrämjandet is a Swedish foundation cultural and artistic foundation that works to support cultural and artistic activities and integration plans for immigrants through its offices and branches throughout Sweden.

Nabad Sharqi is a non-profit social and cultural association that attracts and includes immigrants in Sweden and seeks to promote cultural, artistic, social and family activities.

USB is a non-profit association that carries out artistic and cultural activities for immigrants and Swedish cultural institutions. Its activities extend to most parts of Sweden.