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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

ARDD support to host communities in Mafraq with JONAF

On Thursday 7 June 2018, a national coalition of Jordanian civil society organizations called JONAF provided in-kind assistance to 32 Jordanian families facing severe situations, among them 17 female-headed households and some persons with disabilities (PWDs). The distribution took place at The Child Welfare Society, an organization that works to ensure care for orphans and PWDs, among other vulnerable groups in Mafraq. The families were provided with basic food items, but major challenges remain in relation to appropriate shelter and distribution of non-food items (NFIs).
Classified in 2008 as a poverty pocket, the population in Mafraq today faces multiple challenges as a result of the overall deterioration of economic conditions in Jordan and the region. Mafraq is furthermore one of the governorates that currently bears the brunt of hosting large numbers of Syrian refugees. Lately, these conditions have been exacerbated by the recent natural disasters affecting the area. The floods that occurred between late April and early June 2018, destroyed a large number of random tents in Mafraq governorate, with Civil Defense cadres rescued 370 people in northern Badia, among them Syrian refugees. In addition, 100 residents in Za'atari municipality were rescued and left displaced.
The Jordan National Forum (JONAF) is an alliance of local civil society organizations working with government agencies and decision makers represented by the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, members of the National Assembly, local administrations, and municipalities. The alliance was launched on 4 February 2018. The alliance is at the forefront of Jordan's humanitarian and development response, and works through a variety of programs that address the needs of vulnerable refugee communities and Jordanian host communities, which are highly affected by the conflicts and crises that occur.
The Forum aims to facilitate coordination among members by identifying the most pressing strategic issues, carrying out advocacy efforts in a unified voice, and working to integrate the members of the alliance with other stakeholders in order to share experiences and information with them and to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Jordan in a way that consolidates the concept of humanitarian response and meet the needs of refugee communities and host communities alike, both of which suffer greatly from the effects of the regional crises.