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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

ARDD-supported book “Extremism” by author Gharaibeh launched at Shoman Cultural Forum


Shoman Cultural Forum held on Monday, October 29, 2018, a book launching ceremony and discussion for ARDD-supported book “Extremism”, by researcher and journalist Ibrahim Gharaibeh.

The session was moderated by ARDD CEO Samar Muhareb, and the book was reviewed by Dr. Saud Al-Sharafat and Dr. Fatima Al-Zubaidi. In his presentation of his recently released book, Gharaibeh said that the most dangerous manifestation of extremism is hate.

He said that extremism is a social phenomenon that is related to other social manifestations, adding that in the book he was committed to explaining the phenomenon of extremism through five passages in a social context,  the first of which is the religious discourse; methodological treatment; political Islam; network and the role of globalization.

Gharaibeh noted that the social contract is what manages behavior, and without culture we are unable to comprehend our present, adding that we must rely on individuality and treat it as a virtue.

Dr. Zubaidi said that she looked into the book from the social perspective, and added that in light of technological advances, extremism is no longer confined to one particular group.

She noted that the author presented the religious discourse as humane,  that endures error and correction.

Dr. Sharafat said that the publication is one of the most important approaches to analyzing the phenomenon, and added that the importance of the book, which took Gharaibeh four years to complete, lies in discussing the problem and finding solutions for it.

He noted that the process of globalization has contributed to the spread of extremism, adding that the urge for using Western terminology has created chaos in the concepts.