Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

ARDD- Visit to Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs in compliance with the organization project goal “TOGETHER WE BUILD (MA’AN LENABE) : Empowering Communities through Political Engagement”


As integral part of ARDD’s cores and values in the essential role of youth political participation,  project concedes with the aspiration of our communities youth.  With hopes for grounded cooperation,   ARDD delegates visited the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs discussing “Decentralization” process in Jordan and related laws . The delegate was represented by its CEO- Ms. Samar Muhareb ,and members of the research , legal aid consultant, media team, and an intern Husam representing the youth. 


Two informative meetings  were held in the Ministry.  Dr. Ali Al Khawaldeh- Secretary General- first, briefed ARDD delegates on  the experience of Decentralized Election law  in Jordan. He said “ The current model is ineffective”. Decentralization has its long mature tradition in the west in comparison to Jordan’s first baby step”. In spite of the fact that the ministry had launched  training workshops, lot of efforts need to be done to meet the challenges come with decentralization. He referred to some of the challenges, such, functional and administrative.  The limited awareness of the responsibilities and duties among local councils and municipalities. The budgetary issue  needs to be addressed as well.  He concluded, not until the smooth transfer of centralized authorities from the ministries to the these local councils are allocated, the experience could be said is achieved then.  

On a second meeting with Dr. Ahmad Ajarmeh- Strategic Planning Specialist in Jordan Cities Implementing, Transparent , Innovative, and Effective Solutions (CITIES) affirmed the challenges of decentralization Dr. Al Khawaldeh referred to. He also focused on the importance of our future generation to understand decentralization . A common barrier of the councils members inefficiency is at most the entitlement and popularity, rather than serving culture. 

This visit comes in an attempt to enhance the youth political participation role  embodied in ARDD’S  “Ma’an Lenabne” project .  The meetings  summoned the project main goal and emphasized on the civil society role to facilitate the mission to enlighten the upcoming generation toward effective participation in decision making.