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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Building confidence by teaching others - SRE Project


The Syrian Refugees Empowerment Project was implemented with the aim of empowering Syrian refugees and Jordanian host communities by equipping them with information and knowledge. Simultaneously, the project empowered the eight community facilitators by building their capacities and providing them work opportunities in which they could harness their skills and experience.

Community facilitators took part in a week-long training. The training included topics such as gender, working with vulnerable people, refugees in Jordan, and Jordanian education laws. There was also training on technical skills such as reporting, monitoring and evaluation, and how to use the online data monitoring system.

Hassan Al Othman, a Syrian community facilitator, expressed the influence of SREP. He said there is no doubt the project had a big impact on changing Jordanian and Syrian beneficiaries’ understanding of catch-up schools, drop-out schools and programs that greatly influence  the return of many students to school. He also reflected on the effect the project had on him. He said relaying the information in a clear and concise way was an achievement in and of itself, because it helped build his confidence in himself and his ability to help those in need. Hassan said he felt empowered by his ability to communicate important information to vulnerable people, and in his ability to answer questions posed to him.

The Syrian Refugees Empowerment Project, funded by Open Society Foundation, was successful in building not only the capacity of beneficiaries, but also that of the community facilitators. With this, the project’s impact will long outlast its implementation period.


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