Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Building the Society: First social responsibility, then governmental responsibility

Bashar Alhariri

Building and advancing societies is a necessary and important issue, particularly for the most vulnerable, as they play a role in the advancement and promotion of community development, which contributes to the economic and social development of society.

The role of national, regional and international civil society organizations is highlighted by targeting vulnerable communities through a diverse set of projects needed by these communities both refugee hosting communities or refugee communities alike. Addressing the challenges of both communities burdens the host communities, their governments, and infrastructure, particularly when these communities are poor and are under-resourced like Jordan. This requires civil society organizations double efforts in this regard, and to conduct surveys of the most critical issues facing these communities in order to build on their projects and identify target groups. This enables them to contribute effectively to building their communities. Government social policies should aim to achieve access to social justice through the promotion of infrastructure and empowerment in these communities.

I would like to mention and commend the role of the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development - ARDD in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for its sensitivity to the needs of the local community; the refugee community, the Syrian refugee community in particular, especially the vulnerable groups contained within. The Jordanian community has little resources, so this requires support to improve Jordanian infrastructure and help with shouldering the duties of its geographical and geopolitical position, as a haven and refuge for those who suffer from the region’s conflicts and wars.

The organization has been implementing various projects with its local and international partners in order to contribute to the building of vulnerable local and refugee communities in Jordan and to narrow the gap between them.

For example, the project entitled Syrian Refugee Empowerment Project  worked with both the Jordanian community and the Syrian refugee community, implemented by the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development in partnership with the Tamkeen Fields for Aid and supported by the Open Society Foundation. Zainab Khalil and Liza, diligently followed up with community facilitators (CFs), attended CF sessions, and provided guidance and observations through video feeds in order to improve the project’s outcomes in the governorates of Amman and Zarqa.

The Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development has prepared and trained community facilitators of both Jordanian and Syrian nationalities to target the vulnerable groups of both communities to become resourceful leaders capable of contributing to building their communities and elevating them for the better. From 18/10/2017 to 18/1/2018, the community facilitators worked with ten to fifteen targeted individuals, in mixed-gender sessions, to discuss themes such as education as a right for all. There was also a focus on the educational system adopted by the Jordanian Ministry of Education, which aims to absorb all children under 18 years of age and to reduce their dropout from education (formal education, informal education, remedial education, remedial education, etc.).Other topics include illiteracy, gender-based violence, an emphasis on the family and their role in following up children through communication with the school administration and the educational counselor at the school.

The project’s management is currently working with the ARDD Research Department to draw conclusions and outputs reached during the project, to be brought before the concerned authorities.


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