Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Campaign to issue birth certificates for children above "one" year


Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development in cooperation with UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) launches a project to provide legal services in 2017.

The campaign encourages Syrian refugees in Jordan (inside and outside the camps) to follow up the issue of birth certificates for those children over the age of one year that were unable to get a birth certificate due to obstacles and diverse reasons, considering that these certificates are required for many legal procedures in accordance with the law in Jordan. ARDD will provide the necessary legal help to facilitate and clarify the legal procedures for issuing birth certificates through a team of specialized legal advisers. UNHCR will cover all the necessary legal costs for the completion of these procedures.

In the interest of addressing the matters relating to the various documents of Syrian refugees, this campaign is a result of the continuous efforts made by ARDD in cooperation with UNHCR and all concerned authorities in Jordan. Birth certificates are one of the most important documents to legalize children’s status in Jordan and protect their rights.

All successes thanks to the great efforts made in legal advocacy by UNHCR and its legal partner (Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development organization) and all concerned authorities for their continued support led by the Ministry of Interior and the Syrian Refugees Affairs Directorate.