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Farah, Wa’ad, Mahmoud and Hamza are Lana project change makers who are interested in education. Thus, for their initiative, they focused on the importance of education as a path to empowerment with a specific focus on women. Through education women can increase their civil and political participation as well as their self confidence and decision making skills.

On September 15, 2015, Hamza Zghoul and Mahmoud Anber implemented their two initiatives: Starting Point and We Hope at one of the main girls’ schools in Al Russifa. Through the Starting Point and We Hope initiatives, they distributed school bags and stationery to the group of students from the school. The change makers were keen to raise girls’ awareness of the importance of their commitment to education. The initiative encouraged them to complete their education, regardless of their circumstances, and expressed the impact of education on their future.

In the afternoon, Wa’aed  Zghoul implemented her initiative, expressing gratitude to a group of teachers who have had prominent roles in the field of education in Zarqa. She believes in teachers’ capacity for impact and emphasizes that teachers are the first change makers in society, creating a generation of believers in change. Yousra Marrakeshi, a Lana project change maker and teacher honored by Wa’aed Zghoul’s initiative said, “I was a teacher in the preliminary stage of the school in Working Ladies Assembly’s Kindergarten, and I am proud today that my students became change makers.”

At the end of that day, Farah Maddah carried out the Education in the State of Emgergency initiative, holding a workshop with a number of participants who have a prominent role in making decisions related to advancing education. The workshop focused on cooperation between schools and relevant authorities to actively support female education and take practical steps to provide education programs for girls who have had few opportunities. Participants included Mr. Abdul Rahman Zawahra, director of We all Jordan Youth Commission in Zarqa and Lana Project Apex Fora memberMr. Abdul Rahman Zawahra.



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