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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Community facilitator’s supported by ARDD began holding group Information sessions


In November community facilitator’s supported by ARDD began holding group Information sessions in Amman and Zarqa. Fourteen sessions conducted so far reached 177 participants in Amman and Zarqa, and six more will take place in the coming weeks, reaching at least 60 more beneficiaries. During these sessions, community facilitator’s provided vital information on the right to education, spreading key messages such as registration dates, relevant documents and certificates, age requirements, and catch up classes. Shady Safar, a community facilitator, said the first session truly shed light on the importance of spreading this information: “We found that before the session, many refugees were unaware about their basic rights to education and about other educational programs such as catch up courses...We will work to reach different segments of society in different regions of Jordan where refugees live.” Another facilitator, Hassan Al-Othmani mirrored these sentiments, “The first session of the Syrian Refugee Empowerment Project showed the social need for such projects to raise awareness and disseminate information about laws that protect the right to education for all, especially in the areas where the Syrian presence is concentrated in Amman.”

The Group Information sessions are supported by ARDD’s Syrian Refugees Empowerment Project (SREP) in partnership with Tamkeen and funded by Open Society Foundation. By training Syrian and Jordanian community facilitators, ARDD is able to reach marginalized groups and empower both individuals and communities. Reformed education laws are only the first step in helping refugees. Spreading awareness of these laws is the key to ensuring individuals are empowered, educated, and accessing their rights.


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