Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Developing Vocational Education in Jordan


On December 1, 2018,  Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development  -ARDD  held a counseling meeting in its headquarters in Amman, attended by vocational education students benefiting from the program of supporting vocational education in the various governorates of Jordan, and with the participation of the steering committee which includes a group of experts and specialists in education :Dr. Toukan Abidat, Dr. Khalida Masarwa, Mr. Ali Nasrallah, Ms. Manal Al-Wazzani, in addition to  Ms. Samar Mahareb, ARDD’s CEO , Abdullah Jabbour and Zainab Al-Khalil from the program team.



During the meeting, students' needs were discussed, advice and guidance were provided regarding professional specialties and their connection to the labor market, and how to obtain training programs for each vocational specialization.



Through its efforts to support and develop vocational education in Jordan, ARDD seeks to provide technical and financial support to a group of young women and young people in Jordan, to help them invest their talents in education and vocational work, complete middle school and access to the labor market.




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