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ARDD-Legal Aid

  ARDD-Legal Aid has been chosen as the gender focal point of the Education Sector Working Group for the Syria Response in Jordan. The organization shares this post with Terre Des Hommes.

The priority of the Education Sector Working Group, in 2014, is to ensure uninterrupted access to public education for displaced Syrians children across the country including those in refugee camps. Given the large number of refugees living in host communities, Syrian children are enrolling in public schools across Jordan. Support to boost the capacity of the public education system is much needed including providing extra learning spaces as well as remedial/catch-up classes for those children who have missed out on weeks or months of schooling. Capacity building of teachers is also a priority to ensure the quality education adherent to global norms and standards established by Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies Minimum Standards. Moreover, to ensure equal access to all school-aged boys and girls for education, the Education Sector and the Child Protection sub-Sector are collaborating to ensure the provision of child-centred services in both child friendly spaces and schools. The main objectives of the ESWG are:

1. To provide a coordination forum in which all the appropriate organisations and institutions collaborate with the aim to support the Jordanian education system in current and future emergencies.

2. To plan and implement a response strategy: applying norms and standards, developing capacity, responding to needs, monitoring and evaluation, and conducting advocacy.

3. To ensure continued access to quality education in a safe and protective environment for all vulnerable children. In doing so, the ESWG has a particular responsibility to ensure that programmes are accessible and adapted to the needs of all children. 

ARDD-Legal Aid has been a regular participant at the Education Sector Working Group over the course of the Syrian crisis and has developed programs that work to ensure that both refugees and Jordanians have access to education. Most recently the organization’s “Education for the Future” project ‘to be implemented through a rights-based lens with the aim of promoting and protecting human rights through the creation of positive learning environments and quality education for Syrian refugee and Jordanian school-aged children. This project aims to encourage active communities of learning among Jordanian and Syrian refugee school-aged children, parents, and schools to enhance the quality of education and ensure the enrollment and attendance of school-aged children within the context of formal basic education in Jordan.

ARDD-Legal Aid is honored to act as the gender focal point for the ESWG as the organization’s gender sensitive approach is mainstreamed through all the work that is done in Jordan. As one of the focal points, ARDD-Legal Aid will be able to share our experiences and expertise in gender issues in Jordan to ensure that the Education Sector Working Group can effectively improve education to Syrians in Jordan.  



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