Government Communication to Strengthen the Rule of Law and the Independence of the Judiciary


The Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development - ARDD participated in the conference titled "First Conference on Government Communication to Strengthen the Rule of Law and the Independence of the Judiciary," organized by the Jordanian Ministry of Justice in partnership with the Jordanian Judicial Council and the European Union.

The conference presented a brief summary of the most important topics related to the recommendations of the Royal Commission for the development of the judiciary in addition to the achievements made within the various axes discussed in the report.

The participants gathered on the important role played by the media, trade unions, and civil society organizations in promoting the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary. The importance of communication between the different agencies and the justice institutions was also stressed, as it ensures active participation and dialogue with stakeholders.

To this end, the dissemination of information has been emphasized as a basis for communication and transparency in government work. Hence, ARDD presented the preliminary findings of an ongoing study that examines satisfaction and perceptions of the justice sector among a targeted sample of the population.

The initial results indicate the need to bridge the gap between perceptions and satisfaction regarding the actors involved in the chain of justice through improved outreach mechanisms. In addition, there is a serious gap with regards to information among citizens in Jordan and the developments in this sector. To this end, ARDD called for further communication campaigns to bridge this gap.

In conclusion, all participants expressed willingness to work on translating the results of the meeting into a plan of action that seeks to enhance communication between the various stakeholders and to highlight development and innovation within the justice sector.