Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

If there's a will, there's a way!

Jude Mseis

As Jordan continues to face the repercussions of political turmoil in neighboring countries, many hardships and difficulties continue to emerge within the Jordanian public schooling system. One of the greatest challenges is the inability and difficulty faced when attempting to create and instill a positive learning environment in public schools. These challenges can mainly be credited to the drastic influx of students attending public schools since the start of the Syrian refugee crisis. However, despite all the challenges faced, the Jordanian Government and Ministry of Education continually strive to deliver high quality and accessible education to all in the kingdom and in light of these extensive efforts, on Wednesday, August 10th 2016, ARDD and Fafo held an honouring ceremony in order to celebrate the achievements of the outstanding students who ranked first in all sectors of the Jordanian Secondary School Test (Tawjihi).

The celebration was organized as part of the “Education for the Future” project that was implemented by ARDD and Fafo and funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This honouring ceremony expressed how important it is to acknowledge our exceptional students achievements as well as to reward them so that they are aware that their hard work and efforts have not gone unnoticed. The ceremony also shed some light on the continuous support and motivation the students received from their parents. Given that without this support, the journey to excellence would have been substantially stressful. Throughout the ceremony, various guest speakers addressed topics encompassing the learning environment in Jordan, they focused on how to improve the learning environment through developing parental and community involvement in school management and performance.

When asked about what this achievement means to her and how does it feel to be amongst the top students in the kingdom. Dania al-Shalo’ut who ranked first in the Agricultural Stream in Tawajihi exam expressed that the happiness and excitement she feels is unimaginable and cannot be put in words. “Anyone can achieve what they want to once they set their minds to it, If there is a will there is definitely a way” said Dania. Dania also explained that through this achievement she hopes to give back to her community by furthering her education, ultimately getting a job that will enable her to contribute to developing and advancing the agricultural sector in Jordan.

Amr Ihsan Alradhali another top student in the Kingdom, emphasized his parents’ role in his achievement, stating that without their unconditional support and dedication, his achievement would have never been attained. He sincerely thanked them for the long nights they stayed awake with him and the even longer days they continued to motivate him to study and never give up.  When asked about his future plans, Amr said “I’m going to study Law, I will strive to achieve justice within my society, for it is only when justice is served that peace prevails and Jordan, our home; would rise.”

ARDD was thrilled to promote the achievements of the kingdoms top successful students. For ARDD believes that by doing so, we are able to learn about the motivations of our youth and use it to inspire and encourage others to achieve the same and beyond.


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