Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Innovative aid to improve the quality of services through the Syrian Refugees Empowerment Project


During implementation of the Syrian Refugees Empowerment Project, ARDD used KoboToolbox, an online monitoring platform, to observe quality of service delivery. KoboToolbox is a data collection application, which eases the creation of forms and questionnaires, the collection of information, and the management of data. KoboToolbox plays an important role for its ability to be used without internet connection and save humanitarian data in the most challenging environments.

ARDD’s community facilitators used KoboToolbox to collect data during group information sessions. Sessions often took place in Amman and Zarqa to target the most vulnerable Syrian refugees and Jordanian host communities.

Community facilitators were provided with tablets and received training on how to use KoboToolbox. This training built sustainable capacities and technical skills of community facilitators, enabling them to continue working with marginalized people after the completion of SREP.

Of the application's benefits, is filling out reports for monitoring and evaluation and research especially at the sites of sessions, as well as the use of the platform to track GPS locations and create a comprehensive map of session locations. Moreover, facilitators used the application to refer individual and legal cases to ARDD’s legal team and relevant organizations.

The referral of legal and educational cases through KoboToolbox allowed for quick responses from ARDD’s legal team. As beneficiaries saw tangible results, community facilitators gained legitimacy and were able to mobilize even larger groups. In addition, community facilitators working in tandem with ARDD’s legal team, rebuilt the trust of communities in civil society organizations and the justice system.

ARDD continuously monitors its projects to enhance a culture of accountability, and remains updated about public opinions and situations on the ground through its field research. Through innovation, ARDD is using technology to reach the most marginalized groups and individuals.

The Syrian Refugees Empowerment Project was funded by Open Society Foundations (OSF).


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