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It is never acceptable for a teacher to hit a student - SRE Project


Nada Almasry, a community facilitator under the framework of the Syrian Refugees Empowerment Project funded by Open Society Foundation, led an impactful discussion during her group information session about violence and education.

The participants of her session discussed the different kinds of violence and posed various definitions. They said violence can be physical, verbal, economic or psychological. Violence also includes harassment and deprivation, including depriving children of the right to education and women of the right to work. The beneficiaries also added that early marriage is a form of violence that holds back society and exposes girls to harmful health and psychological issues.

Almasry discussed different forms of violence both inside and outside school. Children and parents should report any violent incident to the school, even if it was conducted by a teacher. She closed the session by asserting it is never acceptable for a teacher to hit a student. All forms of violence affect a child’s ability to learn. Therefore, there must be a system of accountability in place for teachers. A code of conduct for teachers had previously been proposed by the Ministry of Education, but a follow up for the implementation of this code of conduct should be ensured.

ARDD and SREP work to protect and safeguard children from the barriers to accessing quality education, including violence. The project’s goal is to build accountability in education through transparency and involvement, by spreading information and inspiring a sense of ownership among both Syrian and Jordanian host communities.


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