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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

It's time to start talking about the rights of students with disabilities - SRE Project


Farah Altura, one of our community facilitators, dedicated time to discussing rights of students with disabilities in accessing quality education as part of the Syrian Refugees Empowerment Project (SREP). Community facilitators across Zarqa and Amman are holding group information sessions to spread awareness of rights to education.

Beneficiaries responded positively to the introduction of this topic, sharing success stories of schools attending to the needs of students with disabilities. A teacher in attendance said her school takes into account the differences of each individual to offer special services such as classes on the ground floor and extra time on tests. 

Jordan recently amended Law 20 of 2017 to prohibit discrimination against persons with disabilities. It defines discrimination as denial, constraint, restriction or exclusion and includes refusal of accommodation. Therefore, in line with the new law, schools must accommodate students with disabilities and special needs. Community facilitators, including Farah, are disseminating this information to communities to ensure accountability of the amended laws. 

The Syrian Refugees Empowerment Project, funded by Open Society Foundation, is creating a culture of accountability by bridging the gap between government and society through the spread of information and through capacity building. The project, and the work of its community facilitators, is part of a national and international effort to build a sustainable and resilient society and ensure no one gets left behind, including persons with disabilities. 


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