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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Journalism Mentoring Sessions: Brave New Youth

ARDD-Legal Aid


By Tasneem Zuhair and Future of our Journalism Project

On Wednesday March 16th 2015, and in the prism of the Future of our Journalism “Mustaqbal Sahafatuna” project; ARDD – Legal Aid team hosted Community Journalism Ms. Rawan Jayyousi, the director of Ammannet and Radio Al Balad, in ARDD – Legal Aid’s offices in Zarqa as part of the series of journalism mentoring sessions. The project is funded by the United States Agency for International Development, as part of the Civic Initiatives Support Program (USAID CIS) implemented by Family Health International (FHI360).

Rawan Jayousi started off as a student of Media and Journalism in Yarmouk University, where she also worked during her studies in  at Watan Radio and Yarmouk FM thus being able to directly put what she learns to practice. This has helped her excel in both, her study and work. Throughout the session, Jayousi focused on the importance of community which from her perspective, serves as a platform for all segments of society to express themselves and voice their concerns in an unbiased manner.

Jayousi elaborated on her lengthy experience in community journalism; she specifically highlighted the role she played in introducing the notion of community journalism to Yemen, where she helped establish the first community radio. In Yemen, Jayousi was able to work with brilliant youth who were eager to learn everything they can, in order to set off with their initiatives, bringing about positive change to their societies. Rawan was deeply touched with this experience, especially that after two years of being in Sana’a for the first time, she came back to establish another community Radio, this time however in Aden, and she was surprised with the fact that since she established the first community Radio in Sana’a, over 20 other similar radio stations were established over the course of these two years.

Rawan pointed out the importance of perseverance, and highlighted the need to make the best use of all available resources, especially time; for the purpose of making solid achievements. She also stressed the importance of objectivity and unbiased approach in writing news. 

"Change does not come out of the blue, true change stems from the inside” said Rawan during the session.

After the session, some participants shared their insights over social media:

Abdulrahman Srour:

“We can all benefit from listening to the positive messages that Rawan has for us! It gives us the incentive to carry on and better ourselves and our craft to be the best that we can be and not be put down by negativity. Rawan was able to assure us that we are able to bring about positive changes and that by working hard we can accomplish many things. Thank you Rawan Jayousi!”

Tansena Khatatbeh:

“With hard work, patience, and perseverance, you will make it. Do not wait for an opportunity to come knock on your door, go out explore and make your own! Know who you are dealing with, be influenced by positive people, and don’t succumb to material challenges, your determination will make things happen.” 

Emad Seddah:

“Don’t dwell too long on the mistakes of your past, because that will only turn your present into hell and your future into wreckage, all you need is to pause and learn from your mistake and unleash your potential in the right direction” 


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