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Change is made by the arms of a woman that rocks the cradle with her right hand and the world with her left.

Many argue that women have ability to create and maintain the identity of the community, due to their strong influence over the upbringing of the children in the community.  That is why women infiltrated the social affairs and gained a lot of leadership and technical skills, and her awareness increased so she can spread it in her society.

It is this that calls for optimism in the middle of this challenging era where women are seen struggling for recognition and justice in all areas of their lives. To activate this role and achieve equality, the change that needs to occur requires individual and collective empowerment as to activate women’s role and help invest this skills back into the community.

The Lana Project works to provide this empowerment and activate women’s roles in society. The following testimonies are from female change makers explaining their experiences in how the Lana project supports, empowers and strengthens women.   

Wesal Abbad: “I worked as a project coordinator and I was in direct contact with women in the Yajooz and Zarqa areas. It was this work that encouraged me to go back to school to get a  Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies and through my studies I became a acquainted with many new projects working with women across the Kingdom. One of these projects was the Lana project, which I joined soon after and became a change maker. It has been a wonderful experience for me and given me the opportunity to participate in many workshops and has connected me to new organizations, courses, and approaches to both human and women’s rights. My motivation to participate in such activities is my conviction that the development of any society happens by improving the community perspective of women and their role. As well as the commitment to improving the role of the youth, by believing in their capabilities we can improve society as a whole and the role of the youth as well, and believing in the capabilities of these two categories”.

Change maker Eman Mohammad: “I have participated in a number of local conferences about women’s affairs and issues. Additionally I am a student at the Center for Women’s Studies at the University of Jordan and have attended many lectures and workshops to improve my knowledge of women’s studies and to improve my own communication, networking and leadership. Overall, these have helped me to build my self confidence to discuss these issues with anyone.

When I joined the Lana project last year I was looking for a way to apply my skills and begin to take a larger leadership role in my community. It was through the Lana project that I began to assist with and conduct the interviews and questionnaires that are distributed in Zarqa and Amman. This information has helped to give me a greater understanding of my community and the need for a project such as this to achieve social justice between men and women.”

Women’s Studies Specialist Yasmin Abu Eishah: “Through the Lana Project I have begun to feel more knowledgeable about  women’s political participation and empowerment. The communication and leadership skills that I have learned through the training and provided courses have helped me to become more active in my community. My background and interest in women’s rights has helped me to understand and apply this knowledge to the Lana project.”  

Sara Al Sinnawi: “I am a change maker who works on the ground to increase the participation level in LANA project and I work to encourage permanent commitment to the project along with ARDD-Legal Aid. This project and my job as a change maker is incredibly important to me as I believe that change starts with the individual.   My goals in my life, as an activist on women’s affairs, are consistent with the goal of LANA project in spreading social justice through building commitment and activism from within our communities.  Being able to believe in change is very important to me, I believe that  real change which only begins with hard work.

These values help to drive me and facilitate my work on the project. The provided trainings gave me the tools to easily communicate with the community. I am also able to support the project with my knowledge and studies in the field of female empowerment. I can also apply my practical field experience in meeting with community members when I spread the information about the project. “The Lana project is one of the most important voluntary experience that I’m doing in my life now, because it is a reflection of what I aspire to be. It resembles my beliefs, faith, and hope for gender equality.”

The above testimonies highlight some of the members of the Lana Project. Their work and the obstacles that they have had to overcome have made them effective change makers and shown the results of the project on the ground.  These women prove that when they are aware of their roles and rights and increased their knowledge of  their culture, experiences and capacities, they are capable of making change.

Change is made by the arms of a woman that rocks the cradle with her right hand and the world with her left. It is women who are the  commanders, and by preparing  and implementing changes in  society, continued success and a better tomorrow for all will be built.  




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