Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

LANA Project in New Think Festival

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On Friday 5th September the LANA team with 50 change makers joined the New Think Festival that took place in the King Hussein Business Park in Amman. The park had been turned into  “Fikrastan” a country where ideas are the most valuable thing and had become a form of currency. About 5000 empowered youth were at the event; together they shared their passion for learning and sharing making this event unique in Jordan.

Our change makers from Zarqa and Amman didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share and exchange ideas of change for a better society. Their orange tshirts were seen all across the festival  as they interacted with others, sharing ideas and experiences. Together our change makers in collaboration with the other youth, pledged to keep an open mind and to clean limiting ideas from society.

From 4 to 11 pm different tents were hosting trainings about many different topics touching every aspect of the youth’s life. During the time leading up to the LANA project at 7:15, our change makers spread the word throughout the festival to invite attendees to listen to the LANA project ‘s presentation. At 7:15 in the Social Development tent, the LANA project team, led by Dr. Sana’a Abdo, gave an overview of the project, the goals and information on becoming a change maker.  

Right before the segment started, the audience crowded the tent while LANA change makers caught festival attendees’ attention. During the slot, LANA cupcakes and bottles of water were distributed throughout the audience as well as brochures with the information about the project, the social media information and a form to fill in personal information for those who wanted to become change makers. The segment was incredibly successful and within the 15 minutes all brochures had been distributed. Following the LANA project’s slot, participants had the opportunity to write their personal wish for the improvement of society and place them as “branches” on the symbolic LANA tree. 

The event was a success, the LANA team disseminated 100 brochures containing change makers applications to the crowds; of those, we received 83 filled out with the information of people aspiring to become change makers, and willing to participate in making tomorrow…our tomorrow!


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