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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Leave No One Behind


The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence campaign emphasizes reaching marginalized people including refugees, minorities and those affected by conflict. The Syrian Refugees Empowerment Project (SREP), implemented by ARDD and funded by Open Society Foundations, embodies this sentiment and works to reach and empower individuals and groups in need. The project works on two levels, first by training and building the capacity of Jordanian and Syrian community facilitators, and second by spreading information through group information sessions.

Bashar AlHariri, a Syrian lawyer, is one of eight community facilitators working to reach Jordanians and Syrian refugees from the marginalized group in Zarqa. His sessions have attracted both men and women to learn about rights to education and schooling options for Syrian refugees. He has paid specific focus to topics of child protection, gender based violence, early marriage and unaccompanied children. These issues affect education, and often lead to children dropping out of school. “Children dropping out of school threatens the development and advancement of our societies,” AlHariri told the participants of his group session.

In his sessions, Bashar stresses the importance of media campaigns to spread key information and reach all people in order to solve these issues. He also brings awareness to catch-up and remedial schools, which many of the beneficiaries lacked prior knowledge of. “The Ministry of Education offers enough educational services that students should no longer be dropping out of school,” Bashar said, “but families lack the knowledge of options outside of formal education. This issue requires the dedication of awareness campaigns such as SREP. SREP (Education For All) is an important initiative to take on this phenomenon.”

By building the capacity of community facilitators, ARDD is reaching and empowering those in need among refugees and host-communities alike. The Syrian Refugees Empowerment Project aims to reach individuals and groups from all backgrounds, sharing in the central theme of the 16 Days of Activism campaign: leave no one behind.


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