Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Legal Dialogue Group discusses legal security and future return of refugees


The Syrian crisis has recently entered a state of stability and relative calm from violent conflict; political relations with the Syrian state have begun to move cautiously, resulting in the return of trade and mobility movement to and from Syria. Still, the number of Syrian refugees returning to their homes is lower than expected by Jordan and international organizations that work in refugee camps and host areas.

The Syrian lawyers Initiatives (SLI) discussed the future of Syrian refugees, including their legal status, their potential return to Syria under existing legal security and how this can be stabilized, and reflected on refugees who want to return home but are hesitant due to concern about the legal situation in Syria.

ARDD calls for consolidating the role of the judiciary and enabling lawyers to maintain legal stability to ensure the rule of law and the achievement of social justice, which is the basis for security and peace, the future of Syria, and the stability of refugees and displaced persons.