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Legal paper on General Pardon law of 2019 and effects thereof on asylum seekers, refuges and migrants in Jordan

ARDD-Legal Aid


ARDD has prepared a legal paper explaining the positive effects of the recent General Pardon Law on the lives of refugees and migrants in Jordan, which contributed to solving some of the most pressing legal challenges and issues. The most prominent of the provisions of the law is an exemption for accumulated overstay residency fines that have been the obstacle for many non-Jordanians to correct their legal status and enable them to travel outside Jordan or follow formal procedures for their living in Jordan such as marriage, work permits and other important processes. This is a big problem for migrants and refugees, especially Iraqis, Somalis, Sudanese, Yemenis and other nationalities.


In addition to the exemption of fines of marriage held illegally and not documented in the Jordanian courts, amounting to more than one thousand Jordanian dinars, this is a great hardship especially for the Syrian refugees, many of whom are married, not legally documented for their ignorance of the official Jordanian procedures at the beginning of the crisis, which accumulated these fines, in cooperation with the UNHCR and the official authorities, ARDD has worked on more than one campaign to successfully exempt these fines, however, there are many cases that have not been pursued during the exemption campaigns. Therefore, the present General Pardon Law is the appropriate opportunity to end this challenge. The marriage contracts are important in documenting family relations and using the contract in issuing other documents such as birth certificates for children in Jordan.


There are also other cases covered by the General Pardon Law in terms of penal and misdemeanor lawsuits, and will also benefit everyone in Jordan who meet the conditions of this Law, and lawyers should be consulted in order to study the legal cases and confirm if its included within this Law or not.

ARDD in cooperation with UNHCR, will follow up on a full awareness campaign that began spreading the right information through social media, specific publications will be distributed during a series of awareness-raising workshops on the Pardon Law in various governorates of the Kingdom.





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