Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Members of the Jordanian National Alliance dealing with emergencies are closely following the developments in the southern Syria and northern Jordanian borders.


Members of the Jordanian National Alliance dealing with emergencies are closely following the developments in the southern Syria and northern Jordanian borders. The members of the Alliance deeply regret the renewal of bloody confrontations that threaten the security and safety of a large number of civilians, ignite further regional tensions, and complicate the political, security, and economic crises experienced by the Arab world while exacerbating the problem of migration, asylum, and displacement. This crisis further undermines opportunities for peace.  

The members of the Alliance call on the international community to accelerate the alleviation of the suffering of thousands of innocent civilians and to take the necessary steps to exit the political and security impasse that threatens peace and security in the region. All, and especially Jordan, are enduring the consequences of the Syrian crisis and, at the same time, seek to secure safe spaces for displaced persons and refugees as well as the provision of basic services by working with existing relief organisations to help inside Syria and Jordan. We confirm, from the work of members of the coalition on Syrian asylum and migration cases, that the humanitarian, security, and economic situation is worsening more than seven years after the outbreak of the crisis to an extent that it will not be possible to continue to support the resilience of the communities affected by these difficult humanitarian conditions. This further complicates internal tensions on the streets of Jordan, in conjunction with the decline in humanitarian action and the lack and funding required to sustain these efforts. It is therefore necessary to take serious steps towards peaceful and political solutions and to reach agreements to hand over weapons from opposition groups and prevent strikes that hit civilians, pushing many of them to leave their homes and head towards the border in search of refuge. 

About the Alliance and its current response: The Jordanian National Alliance (JONAF) comprises a group of local civil society organizations working with government entities and decision makers represented by the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, and members of the National Assembly, local administrations, and municipalities. The alliance was launched on February 4, 2018, and is at the forefront of Jordan's humanitarian and development response through a variety of programs that address the needs of vulnerable refugee communities and Jordanian host communities, both of which suffer greatly from the effects of conflicts and crises that occur in neighbouring countries. The Alliance facilitates coordination among members by identifying the most pressing strategic issues, undertaking advocacy efforts on a unified front, and working to integrate coalition members with contributors. Members of the Alliance have been active in the last few days by providing large amounts of humanitarian assistance, collecting donations and coordinating with the authorities to deliver them through their various organizations and institutions located in all governorates of the Kingdom.