Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Mustaqbal Sahafatuna: The power of citizen journalism


On Tuesday September 6th,  ARDD held a mentoring session aimed at building the capacities of the participating youth in Zarqa . These mentoring sessions seek to enable participating youth to directly engage with, and obtain information from, individuals active in the journalism field.

During this session, Hazm Almazouni, a Syrian citizen journalist  who has found himself a position for Amman net, a community media network, discussed many topics involving Syrian refugees. This included the many challenges, aspirations and opportunities that Syrian refugees have been facing in the Kingdom..

Hazm also stressed the impact that citizen journalists are able to leave on their communities. Expressing the important role the citizen journalists are playing in addressing  many of the challenges that communities are facing ,he explained that with this impact comes great responsibility, and it is the duty of every journalist whether a professional or not to pay close attention to details and ensure that all information relayed is accurate, truthful and properly cited.

All in all, the participants had many varying and interesting view points on the various topics discussed. However, they all agreed on the significance and importance of citizen journalists. The participants concluded that these journalists are actors of change and transformation as well as elements for advocacy and awareness for their communities’ needs and ultimately with their work they contribute to the renaissance in the many Arab communities. 


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