Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

The Never Fading Flame



On Wednesday March 23rd, and in the prism of the Future of our Journalism “Mustaqbal Sahafatuna” project; ARDD team hosted journalist and social activist Ms. Samia Kurdieh in ARDD’s offices in Zarqa as part of the series of journalism mentoring sessions. The project is funded by the United States Agency for International Development, as part of the Civic Initiatives Support Program (USAID CIS) implemented by Family Health International (FHI360).

Samia started her speech with a glimpse from the past, back when she was a curious child, eager to learn about everything around her. Growing up, Samia invested time and effort reading books and tracking news through television and newspapers. With her keen interest and curiosity; she enrolled in Yarmouk University to pursue her studies in Media and Journalism, and graduated in 2002.

This session was somehow different that previous ones, in the sense that it was largely interactive. Samia requested from the participants to imagine what the youth in society symbolise, and then draw that on a piece of paper. Uniquely, perceptions of youth varied greatly so that not a single idea was duplicated. Some saw youth as roses in need for someone to care for in order for them to grow beautiful and powerful, others saw them as a tree, with its roots deep in the ground and its branches caressing the sun. Samia, had a vision of youth that she shared, she saw youth as soaring birds firmly lifting Jordan high in the horizon.

“You, the youth of today; play a detrimental role today in building the future for you are the only people capable of changing the current situation and build a bright future and a stronger Jordan, you are the ones capable of changing the attitudes that over time widened the gender gap” said Samia.

The session was rich with positive ideas urging participants to work together towards achieving justice in society, and calling to renounce discrimination and narrow the gender gap so that everyone can equally contribute to the advancement and prosperity of society.

Only you, the youth; are able to lead the community, promote and advocate towards the equality of rights and duties between men and women.” Said Samia

Samia concluded the meeting with a message to all participants of the project; calling them to work hard and invest every opportunity leading to success, advancement, and change. “You have a great deal of sponsors, do not fail, take the step forward towards success. Today there is a great deal of organisations working to train and empower the youth through intensive courses and workshops and they do not charge them for that, this was not the story in the past, where ideas where locked and creativity was fought and crushed amidst the scarcity of sponsors and limited resources and opportunities.”


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