Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Sharing Experiences to Increase Knowledge

ARDD-Legal Aid

 Faculty members of the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) from across the United States met with ARDD-Legal Aid on June 17, 2015 as a part of a seminar on “Borders, Identity & Displacement; the Evolving Syrian Crisis.”

The Council for International Educational Exchange’s group of 9 faculty members all have interest in the region as a part of their expertise. The seminar works to allow these professors to acquire additional knowledge on the historical formation and geopolitical dynamics of the regions border and national/ethnic identities. Essential to this understanding is meeting with organizations such as ARDD-Legal Aid to see the reality of the crisis through the eyes of those who work directly with affected populations.

The seminar examined ARDD-Legal Aid’s work with refugees in the area and the different approaches taken when working with different groups of people who have undergone traumatic life experiences. Specifically ARDD-Legal Aid focused on psychosocial support and how ARDD-Legal Aid addresses our work with a gender perspective. This was done through examining many of the projects that ARDD-Legal Aid is implementing.


Additionally, the seminar worked as a cultural exchange with these experts  as discussions ARDD-Legal Aid was able to learn from the experiences in framing of messages, gender sensitive approaches and providing different perspectives from their time in the Middle East. Through partnerships with educational exchanges such as CIEE, ARDD-Legal Aid is able to collaborate and learn from academics with a wide range of expertise.

“It is through meetings such as this that allows ARDD-Legal Aid to not only share our experience working to empower vulnerable groups in Jordan but also to hear new perspectives from experts such as these professors from across the United States through CIEE’s faculty seminar program,” expressed ARDD-Legal Aid director Samar Muhareb.

The seminar allowed for a fruitful and in depth discussion about ARDD-Legal Aid’s work and the Syrian crisis. Through the discussion on ARDD-Legal Aid’s methods of achieving the organization’s overall goal of making access to justice a right to all, participants were able to observe the challenges and successes of organizations working first hand with the displaced who now live in Jordan.