Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Sharing Knowledge and Experiences – A Visit to Zaatari Camp


Turkish Ambassador’s Visit to Zaatari

ARDD had the pleasure and the honor of hosting the Turkish ambassador to Jordan, Murat Karagoz, on a visit to the Zaatari refugee camp.  This visit was a part of ARDD’s efforts to further engage with international delegates in Jordan with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences.  Turkey especially has shared in the experience of serving as a host community during the Syrian refugee crisis alongside Jordan.

Welcoming His Excellency where officials from UNHCR, UNICEF, IRD, SRAD, WFP, and the government of Jordan who briefed the delegation on their work, the services they have provided, and the progress made in Zaatari over the past seven years. Following this introduction, the group had the opportunity to visit a kindergarten which was donated by the Turkish Women’s Society in a joint effort with the Turkish Embassy in October of 2013.  The tour went on to include the ARDD office and Sharia Court where Samar Muhareb, Chief Executive Officer of ARDD, spoke of the uniqueness of the Zaatari camp, as it is the first camp in the world to have a Sharia court and legal aid offices set up on site in this way.  She also highlighted the evolution of comprehensive legal services being provided and the necessity of legal aid as a part of any humanitarian crisis response.

His Excellency Ambassador Karagoz was pleased to then view an art exhibit showcasing the talent of the camp’s youth and to spend time at a women-run dress shop where he had the opportunity to talk with the women about their beautiful work, their lives, and the challenges that they face.  Accompanying the visit was Eman Al Moankar of the International Council of Voluntary Agencies who shared ICVA’s plans for further collaboration with ARDD. His Excellency Ambassador Karagoz and the delegation are looking towards future collaboration with civil society actors in Jordan to continue seeking opportunities for sharing support and knowledge.