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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

SREP - Success Story - Shadi Safar


Shadi Safar is a 35 year old Syrian, and one of the many parents who have fled with their families from the ongoing conflict in his hometown of Hama, in search of a better future for their families in Jordan. 

Shadi is considered one of the many Syrians who have the law schooling qualifications in Jordan, but are unable to legally pursue work because of the many restrictions put upon refugees in this field.

The Syrian Refugee Empowerment Project granted Shadi the opportunity to use his qualifications to contribute to improving the living situation of Syrians in Jordan through his work as a community facilitator. He worked to close the information gaps surrounding the right to education, and he is preparing to obtain a Master's degree in law, so that he may rebuild Syria once the conflict comes to an end. 

In an interview conducted during an ARDD workshop, Shadi said "It is on parents to know that there is a possibility of enrolling their children in school, even if they lack legal or civil documents." He expressed worry because of the impact a lack of information is having on social integration efforts between Syrian refugees and their Jordanian host communities. This worry is one of the most important reasons that pushed him to participate in this important initiative that trained 16 facilitators on how to provide refugees with information and key messages. 

Shadi added, "Since I arrived to Jordan, I was interested in helping others, and I had cooperated with many organizations to make aid available to refugees, and improve their access to essential services. As for the Syrians living in densely populated areas like Marka or Ras al-Ain, there is no doubt that they are at-risk of danger, so to avoid this, we must work towards improving education and social integration."  


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