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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Statistics of Labor Legal Consultancies via Jordan Labor Watch for 2018

ARDD-Legal Aid

In compliance to successful cooperation between the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD), and the Jordan Labor Watch of the Phenix Center for Economic for Informatics Studies , to provide specialized legal consultancies on labor issues and the Jordanian Labor Law for inquiries received at the Labor Watch website, In 2018, ARDD responded to more than 178 legal consultations with 30.5% for females and 69.5% for males. Theses consultations were related to labor issues, and  included a wide variety of labor related issues;  such as overtime, arbitrary dismissal, Social Security, work injury, maternity leave, and other essential labor-related legal issues.

Noteworthy that the ARDD started this unique cooperation with the Labor Watch since 2011. During this period, more than 2200 consultations were submitted on the Observatory website, which were responded to by lawyers specializing in the Legal Aid Department of the organization.

Throughout 2016, ARDD prepared an electronic directory under the title "Miscellaneous legal information for the worker and the employer". The directory contains a summary of legal consultations, which concluded the most important topics highlighted by the Labor Watch over the previous years. It forms a collection of labor inquiries, employers, labor relations.

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ARDD seizes this opportunity to present its gratitude and appreciation to the Labor Watch and to all those who contribute to the promotion of legal awareness in the legal issues related to the Jordanian Labor Law, and highlight this important law that constitutes  an immense proportion of individuals’ lives in the Kingdom, in order to enhance rule of law and limit labor-conflicts through providing the proper legal data.