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Success Story - “Arab Renaissance: Renewal of the Civilizational Message” Conference: An Exceptional Event in all its Aspects


Arab Renaissance: Renewal of the Civilizational Message” Conference:

An Exceptional Event in all its Aspects

(مؤتمر النهضة العربية:تجديد الرسالة الحضارية).. استثناء بكل ما فيه  !


 “Arab Renaissance: Renewal of the Civilizational Message" Conference activities were concluded in Amman. The Conference was organized and held by The Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) in Amman from 25 to 26 April 2018 under the patronage of the University of Jordan and in partnership with the University Libraries of AUB and the Arab Thought Forum Jordan on the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of ARDD’s founding.

The Conference was exceptional in all its aspects, both in terms of its large numbers of attendees (exceeding the number of chairs in the large conference hall) and the range of ages, interests, and backgrounds of the attendees. The number of interested youth who were keen to attend the conference was both remarkable and inspiring, and their enthusiasm was perhaps most obviously displayed by their happiness to attend by sitting on the floor after all the seats were filled.

ARDD's conference brought together an esteemed caliber of prominent Arab thinkers and researchers for the first time in one event in Amman to discuss the Arab Renaissance and discuss ways to further revive and reclaim it. The Conference's participants included: Zaid Eyadat, Azmi Mohafazah, Mohammed Abu Hammour, Ahmed Mada, Ali Omelil, Radwan Al Sayed, Ibtisam Al Kutbi, Abu Yarub Al Marzouqi, Hassan Nafea, Tariq Mitri, Salah Jarrar, Fahima Sharaf Al Din, Mahboub Abdulsalam, Rana Issa, Jeryes Samawi, Hassan Hanafi, Abdul Jabbar Rifai, Younis Kandil, Mohammed Shahrour, Amer Al-Hafei, Ibrahim Awad, Suad Joseph, Magda Al-Senousi, Ibrahim Ghraibeh, Sakhr Doudin, and Nart Gakhon. The League of Arab States was represented in the conference by the Director of the Culture Department at the League of Arab States University, Dr. Mohammed Al-Hajri, who spoke as the League’s representative during the Conference’s opening session.

The Conference also witnessed the Opening of the Arab Renaissance Guide Exhibition which showcased contents of  The Al-Nahda (Arab Renaissance) Guide, recently created by the University Libraries of AUB, which maintain a large archive of the history of the Arab Renaissance.

In accordance with the partnership agreement between The Arab Renaissance Organization for Democracy and Development and AUB Libraries, ARDD brought a small part of the guide to be showcased in its exhibition. The Exhibition reflected a great legacy of the history of the Arab Renaissance—which began at the end of the 19th century and early 20th century—and aims to help Al-Nahda researchers to further study and keep its legacy alive.  Among items featured in the exhibition are valuable books written by pioneers of the first Arab Renaissance dating back to the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century.

As for the interaction and media coverage of the Conference, the exception was the exception. The Jordanian News Agency (Petra) was present on the first and second day of the conference, its press coverage up to date with all the conference's activities and details. Conference news and coverage were present in all Jordanian newspapers with no exception (Al Rai, Addustour, Al Ghad, Al Anbbat, and Al Sabeel). Jordanian news site representatives were always present over the course of the conference, as were the satellite channels’ correspondents who covered and interviewed the speakers and participants. Coverage of the Conference was also present in the wider Arab press, such as the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the Egyptian newspaper Al Massriyon, the UAE newspaper Al Etihad, and well-known Arab and international sites such as Sky News Arabic, Rai Al Youm, Aram News, Arab21, and Al Bawaba News, among others, and the Conference was also featured in opinion pieces by both Jordanian and Arab writers who praised the event, the participants, and the topics discussed.

The ARDD official social media channels’ engagement rose considerably during the two-day conference, especially with some sessions being livestreamed. The shares and comments of the livestreams reached unprecedented height,s especially the sessions featuring public intellectuals Mohammad Shahrour and Abu Yaroub Al Marzouki,

Through its six sessions, the Conference discussed the concepts of the Renaissance, its contexts, its outcomes, the Arab world today (its reality and its tracks), the project of the Arab humanism renaissance (policies, strategies, features, content, conditions, and development), and the contribution of the civilized approach of religion in realizing it.

At the end of the Conference, Chairman of ARDD's Board of Trustees Dr. Zeid Eyadat announced the launch of the Center for Renaissance as part of ARDD to be a center of intellectual illumination for the Arab world. He pointed out that the Center will open its doors to all Arab researchers—especially the youth—and aims to host each text, book, or, publication that will contribute to the rebuilding of the Renaissance and the liberation of Arabs’ latent energies.

The Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) is a civil society organization that carries out a series of intellectual projects aiming to renew the cultural message and revitalize the ethical system of values in Jordan and the Arab world. Since its establishment, ARRD has worked and continues to work to revive hope and advocate for social, economic, and political justice by bringing about a comprehensive intellectual and developmental change derived from the spirit of the Arab Renaissance.

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