Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Under Patronage of HRH Prince Hassan, ARDD launches ‘Global Network of Experts on the Question of Palestine’


Under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Hassan Bin Talal, the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development – ARDD is holding on Sunday, October 14, 2018, the ‘Launching Conference of the Global Network of Experts on the Question of Palestine’.

The Global Network gathers international and regional experts from key disciplines. The Network aims at supporting the development of policies and strategic thinking on the issue of Palestine, within the context of a new and rapidly evolving political, legal and social environment.

The Global Network of Experts covers an array of specialties that are key in addressing the Question of Palestine, including Diplomacy, Civil Society, the Media, International Law, as well as academic disciplines including Refugee and Migration studies, International Relations, History and Anthropology, serving as a mediating voice to better navigate the often contentious debates on the issue.

The launching Conference is a component to support the implementation of a structured Dialogues on Palestine organized by ARDD under the overall  theme ‘The Question of Palestine 70 years On: Priorities for Action’,  consisting of a  series of Conferences and workshops.

On the occasion of the Launching Conference, the  Conclusion of the first of these workshops  held on October 13-14 and devoted to ‘Palestinian Refugees under Threat:  Towards a Strategic Response’ will be presented. The Conference will also be a chance for the actors of the Network to present the outcomes and policy brief of the workshop, which will discuss recent developments pertaining to Palestinian refugees, to identify new challenges and opportunities and design relevant policies and strategies with the new operating environment.

His Royal Highness Prince Hassan Bin Talal will address in a keynote speech on the occasion of the Event Representatives of the international community  and International and Regional Experts participating in the Workshop.