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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

An unsung hero, silently lost in Za’atari Refugee Camp


Amid the refugee crises sweeping through the region, and specially the Syrian refugees flow Jordan has witnessed on the onset of the armed conflict in Syria. Jordan and Jordanians have made substantial sacrifices for the sake of making their country a haven for everyone. Today, and with heavy hearts, we tell the story of one of our own, an unsung hero who retained no effort trying to lift the burden of asylum off Syrian refugees; for the sake of making Za’tari Syrian Refugees Camp a safe shelter for them and their families for today and the future. Today, we tell the story of the beloved friend and dear colleague the late Judge Dr. Abdul hakim alshbool, the head of the Sharia Court of Law in Za’tari Syrian Refugee Camp, who passed away on Thursday, February 16th, 2017.

The late judge Dr. Abdul Hakim alshbool obtained a bachelor’s degree in Sharia from The University of Baghdad and a PhD in Sharia Law from the University of Jordan in 2007. He was the Chair of Notary of Al-Ramtha Sharia Court before a Royal Decree named him an Honourable Sharia Judge in January 10th, 2013 and held this position for four years until he passed away in office as the head of Al-Mafraq’s Sharia Court – Authentication and The Head of Sharia Court of Law in Za’tari Refugees Camp. 

Ever since the establishment of the Za’tari Syrian Refugees Camp, Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development - ARDD has worked side by side with the Jordanian Government and the UNHCR to cater to the needs of the Syrian refugees in Jordan. In Za’tari Camp, ARDD’s lawyers worked closely with the late Dr. Abdul Hakim for two and a half years where they illustrated a fine example of the synergy between judge and lawyers, coming up with effective solutions to issues of legal protection facing the Syrian refugees in the Za’tari camp. During his time in service, the long-lost but unforgotten friend was best known for a smile that rarely leaves his pleasant face as well as his great devotion in serving Syrian refugees as his work has left a permanent impact on the lives of those he helped protecting and the families he prevented their disintegration through affixing marriage contracts which largely contributed to the provision of legal protection to Syrian children by authenticating their descent, thus actively preventing the existence of an entire generation of stateless children.

As today we say our saddest goodbyes to our dear friend may his soul rest in ultimate peace; we would also like to welcome the new chair of Al-Za’tari Sharia Court of law Mr. Fadi Al-Mhaidat, who is following the same steps toward providing legal protection to the Syrian refugee brothers. ARDD is looking forward to having more cooperation between all governmental sectors and civil society institutions for what is best for humanity.