Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Voice: Sooria al Karama | Syria Dignity


On Nov. 28th we met with the group of Syrian refugees in Amman; the group is a mix of educated men and women who have left Syria as a result of the war. With better financial abilities, they are able to afford living in Amman, yet they are still finding it difficult to make ends meet.

The most remarkable aspect of this group is their dedication and active work in many fields. The women help Syrian families who are more in need, while the men conduct a range of activities. One of the men is a known activist and has started a forum called “The Forum of Educated Free Syrians”, where their tenants center on humanity and the goal of uniting against violence. He spoke to us about trying to plant the values of building inside of people, and removing the fear that has gripped them as a result of what they have went through. “We don’t want the innocents to become victims.” The group assured us that forgiveness is present in Syria but that they need to work on instilling the values in people again.


Staying connected and informed is very important for these people. One the participant’s father is starting a T.V. channel which he managed to get licensing for here in Jordan. It will be called ‘Sooria al Karama’ or Syria-Dignity. They are in the process of employing a skilled caliber and aim to stay away from sectarianism to unite the Syrian people and bring them to peace.


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