Women's Access to Justice: Zarqa Paralegals Graduation

Hani Okasheh

ARDD-Legal Aid held a graduation ceremony in its Zarqa office on June 2nd in honor of the paralegals who had completed the first three years of our Women’s Access to Justice (WAJ) project. The first phase of the project began in the year 2011 and ended 2014.

The paralegals were key to the project as they raised awareness of personal status law in their local communities, conducting sessions to provide judicial and legal advice to their fellow community members. ARDD lawyers trained Zarqa University students as well, building their capacity to be leaders and influential figures in their local communities.

Along with the paralegals and their loved ones, a varied group of artists, academics, lawyers, doctors and many others community members also attended the event.

The event’s distinguished guest was Dr. Mustafa Al Khusawneh, Dean of the Faculty of Human Rights at Zarqa University. Dr. Khusawneh stressed the importance of humanitarian work and aiding the community at every level. He ended by extending thanks and appreciation to ARDD-Legal Aid for their commitment to the development of local communities, individuals, and minorities in Jordan.

ARDD-Legal Aid gender and media unit manager Lana Zananiri initiated the ceremony by thanking and honoring the paralegals, emphasizing their crucial role in the project’s success.

The ceremony continued with a speech by Dr. Sanaa Mustafa Abdo, who inspired the audience with her personal stories of climbing Mount Everest, as she was full of hope and determination. “A human being who doesn’t let hopelessness enter cannot be defeated,” Dr. Abdo said, bolstering ARDD-Legal Aid’s vision in empowering women and building the community’s capacity to bring justice to all. At the end, Dr. Sanaa urged her audience to pursue their dreams with determination, hard work and perseverance.

After Dr. Sanaa’s speech, ARDD screened three videos from the WAJ initiative: “From White to White: Stories of Women’s Access to Justice,” “ Men’s Access to Justice,” and “Jordan, Land of Justice 2020.” The videos portrayed the WAJ project’s key messages and goal of giving women access to justice through the legal system.

Finally, Ms. Lana Zananiri awarded certificates and trophies to the paralegals for their success in the program. The cake was then cut, so that everyone could experience the sweet taste of success.


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