Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

You Have a Chance: Empowerment through Knowledge


"You have a chance, we all have a chance to realise our rights, assert them and enjoy them" said Hanan, one of the paticpants in the "You Have a Chance" workshops.

Early on ARDD recognized a lack of knowledge existing among vulnerable communities in Jordan. Many Individuals in Amman, Aqaba and Balqa, in particular the women of these communities had very little to no existing knowledge about the rights they were entitled to under the law. Resulting from this lack of knowledge many of these women found themselves susceptible to being exposed to oppression and coercion, either by manipulation of the law or by being fed false information. 

In order to combat this lack of awareness and promote justice and rights for all, ARDD held six awareness sessions during the months of July and August on behalf of our two year project “You have a chance.” The purpose of the project includes empowering vulnerable women across the kingdom, as well as enabling these women to maximize their potential to ultimately lead them to a life of fulfillment, free from injustice and violence. ARDD implemented awareness and empowerment sessions in locations such as Aqaba and Balqa. These sessions applied a holistic approach to providing women with psychosocial services, legal and economical empowerment and finally increasing gender sensitivity amongst justice providers.

During each training session 25-30 women participants were trained on a number of basic skills that are needed for them to actively and effectively communicate with their communities, inevitably enabling them to fully understand, access and exercise their lawful rights. ARDD strived to empower these women by educating them on the significance of being assertive as well expressing themselves freely. Stressing the importance of assertiveness, the training sessions intended to strengthen and build this skill to enable the women to stand up for themselves as well as build their self confidence.

ARDD provided these women with a safe space for them to discuss and learn throughout each session, the women’s participation and interest was impeccable, as it was apparent that they rarely get the opportunity to express their needs, desires, emotions and thoughts. Through discussing legal empowerment the sessions instilled a fire in them to acknowledge and utilize their rights as women. It also provided the opportunity to overcome the fears of social stigmatization as well as the threat of being rejected by their communities.

All in all, the success and knowledge conveyed during these training sessions and the enthusiasm and willingness of the participants to engage were both clear indicators that it is a necessity that all Jordanian women be empowered as well as acknowledged about their rights.


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